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Ethos and Principles

Ethos and Principles

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Ethos and Principles driving Quick Property Group

The property industry during and after the 2007 recession was a dark place, characterised by non-existent customer service, hidden charges and little protection for the landlord when selling or regaining possession of a rental property. Selling and buying was seen as a risk in society.

Quick Property Group wanted to be different and three principles created the culture which continues to thrive today:

* Deliver a highly professional service

* Offer buyers, investors and tenants the best properties in the market

* Act with integrity to build long-term relationships with all clients whether you’re a landlord, buyer, investor or tenant

All three principals were not just true to the founder’s ethics, but they also made commercial sense:

* Professionalism boils down to treating people as you want to be treated

* The properties that sell the quickest are due to efficiency and accurate valuations 

* The best properties let fastest for the highest rents

* Integrity sounds good on paper to most as London is a big busy place and making a quick buck at the expense of goodwill may be good enough for others but not good business for us as we actually deliver the meaning of integrity with our service 

A focus on people 

Every firm claims to care about its staff, but nearly all of us have worked for companies which do not.

Common sense tells us that in a service business, the quality of your people will define your reputation more than anything else. As such, we have always tried to find the best people and help them grow in the best roles for them.

Actions speak louder than words.

Currently, we are investing heavily in providing the youth of London with Apprenticeship opportunities and NVQ Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications working in partnership with Skills for Growth. We believe that the best people can be found right in our doorsteps and we just have to find and train the talent.

Steady growth and a broader portfolio of services

Growth has been organic and steady with plans for expansion in the near future. The first office opened in 2007 in South Woodford, with a big move to Canary Wharf arriving at the beginning of 2012 surviving the recession and retaining 100% of current clients. 

Creating happy customers is our ambition, and new services have been launched to fulfil landlords’ needs. We have started to work with experienced builders because our clients were frustrated by builders going over budget and taking too long. We have begun to handle substantial building projects and good value upgrades. Our furnishing business, Decorum Interiors, offers high-quality interior design matched with clever sourcing so that schemes will stand the rigours of the rental market.

Pride in innovating and pushing boundaries

Innovation matters. We have always got a real buzz from doing something new, different and useful for the customer. A refusal to accept the status quo can be very handy in business.